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 Want to feel confident when sharing your website? Let’s start presenting you as the expert you already are.
I'm Sara Neves.
Welcome to my world!
It’s time to create some magic!

My passion is to help women entrepreneurs with online businesses show up as the experts they already are, with a brand identity that makes them look premium and a website that is 100% custom-designed.

Dreams that came true

Jacqueline Whitmore

Branding, Web Design, Development

“While a majority of businesses in my industry were losing money, my business income increased nearly 45% after my website was launched.

Not only is Sara one of the most talented web designers on the planet, she’s patient, kind and most knowledgeable about branding strategies.

I highly recommend Sara to those who only hire the best!”

Jacqueline Whitmore
America’s Foremost Etiquette Expert
Founder & CEO, The Protocol School of Palm Beach

Rita Barreto

Branding, Web Design, Development

“Working with Sara was an exceptional experience.

From the very first call, she was inquisitive, collaborative, and innovative in her approach to building a new, refreshing brand and website for my company.

She’s an exemplary professional and every step of the way exceeded my expectations.

More importantly, the comments from clients have been overwhelmingly positive!”

Rita Barreto
Top Tier Leadership

Being Energy

Branding, Web Design, Development

Being Energy wanted to create a clean and nature-inspired place where clients could easily get to know and ⁠sign up for all the classes, trainings, video libraries, and products they have to offer.

Rakel Sosa


“Now I feel confident each time I need to design something.

I loved the process that Sara created to help me understand the essence of my brand.

I have been recommending her since our first meeting because she has the skills, the patience, the intuition, and sensitivity to read the person she works with.

Sara is for me the best-kept secret in the design world now.”

Rakel Sosa
Breathwork – Breakthrough Mentor

Mermaid Hostel

Branding, Web Design, Development

The Mermaid Hostel was born from the love of two friends for their village by the sea. They needed a fresh, modern and fun identity. I created the logo, identity and website layout to make the brand stand-out, be noticed and get results.

Ovegan Restaurant

Branding, Web Design, Development

A new vegan restaurant is coming to town! My role was to design the logo and identity, as well as the website with a modern, tasty, colourful and attractive image, so that every vegan would be amazed by the menu and booked a table.


Branding, Web Design, Development

Domen is a luxury and modern online fashion store for men. The logo, identity and website needed to reflect these qualities, combining an expensive look and feel with an engaging commerce experience.

Howard Harrison

Branding, Web Design, Development

In the field since 1982, Howard Harrison is a construction company that needed a more high-quality brand. The result was a darker identity that gives a feeling of sophistication, and with white space that creates a sense of freedom and imagination.

H Architects

Branding, Web Design, Development

H Architects wanted a website, logo and identity that reflected their reputation as one of the best architecture studios. I designed a modern, elegant, clean and simple look, that reflects the studio’s values.


Branding, Web Design, Development

Spotym is an online platform where you can find fitness classes to go, at different spots of various cities, for more diversified and fun workouts. From the beach to the mountains, you can forget about going to the same gym everyday.

3 steps to success

1. Branding

Does it capture your vision?

Let’s make sure your product or service is passing the right message to the right consumers with a logo and brand identity that stand out.

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Rebranding
2. Web Design

Is it easy to use and intuitive?

A positive experience keeps users loyal. What’s the benefit in having a website if users are not able to interact with it properly?

  • Prototyping
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Responsive Design
3. Development

Is everything working?

It’s game time! Does your website pass the test of being functional? With code, animations and a little bit of magic, I can bring designs to life.

  • Front-end Development
  • Responsive Development
  • Usability & User Testing
  • Customized Training

Packages start at $3k USD

Imagine having a checklist of the mistakes you’re making on your website...

Do you feel frustrated about your website?

Do you want to change it, but you’re not sure where to place things?

I can give you all the answers in a single Website Audit.

Website Audit

You’ll be leaving the call feeling way better about your website, empowered and with a TO-DO-LIST, including:

+ All the things you’re missing
+ All the things you should remove
+ How content should be laid out
+ How to get more conversions
+ How to improve user experience
+ Design best practices

I’ll tell you exactly what I would do in a one hour Zoom call. After that, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Are you ready?

Investment: $299 USD

I'm Sara Neves.
Welcome to my world!

Have you ever met a unicorn?