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Branding & Websites for female speakers, coaches, and consultants who want to level up.

Imagine a website that inspires trust and is an ideal client magnet.

You want a website that captures your true essence and personality...

If you’re feeling your website is not at the level of the services you offer and that it lacks structure, then it’s time to embark on the Unicorn Designer Experience!

I’ll help you showcase how professional, credible, and knowledgeable you are, with a beautiful, clean, and easy-to-navigate website.


Here are the 3 magical clouds you’ll fly through

From start to finish, I’ll be your partner in this journey, guiding you every step of the way and bringing your dream website to life.

Brand Identity

You have magic in you ready to shine through!

Showcase your magic with a standout logo and brand identity that reflect your unique personality and attract your ideal client.

Web Design

Your offerings need to be clear, structured, and strong.

I’ll organize all the content you have to share in such a way that visitors will easily find everything they need to know to hire you.

Web Development

User-friendly, interactive, and overall very inspiring to visit.

Your new website will be as unique and special as a unicorn itself. It will not only set you apart from the competition, but at the magical top!

Want to know more about how we can work together?

The best bit? You’ll never have to worry about design or tech stuff ever again. I offer ongoing support for all my clients with Monthly Maintenance and Hourly Packages, so our magical connection doesn’t ever have to end!


Magic that's already out there...

Take a peek at some real-life examples of successful female speakers, coaches, and consultants who went through the Unicorn Designer Experience.

Branding & Website

Kate O'Neill, KO Insights

My website wasn’t keeping up with my business: it was more or less the same design I had started out with, and it had accumulated a lot more pages and complexity. The design was unremarkable and the content organization was chaotic.

Sara demonstrated a keen eye for the brand particulars: the fact that, in my case for example, there could be a certain amount of whimsy and playfulness comfortably alongside heavy credibility and expertise.

The way I feel about my new Branding and Website was captured best by friendly colleagues who said, when they saw it, “that looks SO YOU.”

Sara is exceptionally attuned to her relationships with her clients, pays remarkable attention to detail, manages her work projects with discipline and care, and is just a joy to work with.

If you’re in business as a thought leader, Sara is absolutely worth your serious consideration.”

Kate O’Neill
Founder and Chief Tech Humanist of KO Insights

#Speaker #Author #Strategist

Branding & Website

Izabela Lusinska, New Global Elite

“Before working with Sara, I didn’t feel my website reflected the prime quality of service that I was delivering to my clients. This stopped me from being more visible and undermined my business confidence.

I feel that now my Branding and Website reflect the premium quality that I offer. I feel proud when showing my website to my clients and especially potential clients. I feel that my branding finally reflects who I am.

I feel better and more confident. I am not afraid of being visible to a wider audience.

If you want a serious and talented designer, who is also a kind human being and a real joy to work with – Sara is IT!”

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO of New Global Elite

#Coach #Trainer #LeadershipSpecialist

Branding & Website

Jacqueline Whitmore

“When Covid hit in 2020, management consultants discouraged me from spending money on my business. I’m glad I didn’t listen to their advice.

Not only is Sara one of the most talented web designers on the planet, she’s patient, kind and most knowledgeable about branding strategies.

While a majority of businesses in my industry were losing money, my business income increased nearly 45% after my website was launched.

I highly recommend Sara to those who only hire the best!”

Jacqueline Whitmore, America’s Foremost Etiquette Expert
Founder & CEO, The Protocol School of Palm Beach

#EtiquetteExpert #Speaker #Author #Coach

Curious to see other projects with inspiring women?

Hi! I’m Sara Neves.

I call myself a Unicorn Designer because I can both design and code

This means you’ll have a completely unique, 100% custom-designed brand and website that will make you stand out from the competition.

Here are the top 5 things my clients love about working with me:

  1. my mind-reading skills
  2. the way I guide them through the process
  3. my ability to structure and organize their content
  4. my kind, patient, and caring personality
  5. how much fun we have working together

Wanna know how I take organization to the next level in my personal life? Spoiler Alert! Includes life hack on how to start wearing the clothes that are always left at the bottom of the drawer…

Design Magic Without Borders!

You can experience the magic, no matter the distance.

Portugal is my home, but most of my clients live in the US. Distance is no issue for us – thanks to the magic of technology!

Between video calls, emails, and tools like Notion and Loom the experience is seamless and we always end up developing beautiful friendships.

And hey, being in different countries can also have its perks! It gives you a great excuse to come to Portugal and meet your unicorn designer in person. That’s what Kate did! And look at our smiles! Gosh, I love my clients!

Plus, as a bonus, I like to surprise my clients with special treats in the mail to keep that human connection alive.

So, whether you’re in the US or anywhere else in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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