🎵 Hi. It’s me. I’m sara neves. it’s me. 🎵

What do you get if you cross a designer with a web developer?

That’s right! A unicorn designer!

You’re ready for a new website but you may be wondering...

Is it possible to...

…show up in your true colors

…showcase your fun personality

…appear warm, friendly, and approachable




still look polished and professional?

the high quality of your premium work?

smart, credible, and trustworthy?

…show up in your true colors + still look polished and professional?

…showcase your fun personality + the high quality of your premium work?

…appear warm, friendly, and approachable + smart, credible, and trustworthy?

All my clients are looking for a balance, and my job is to showcase it through visuals.

After working with me...

…prospects will land on your website and think “Wow, she knows her stuff!”.

In a quick glance, they will feel your energy and your essence.

They will feel excited about getting to know you and your work.

It all started when 6-year-old Sara decided it was best to finish up her homework first and play later without a worry in her mind.

She quickly became a top student, which required lots of self-discipline, organization, and an ability to summarize information in an effective and concise way in order to get the best results.

These are skills that I’ve been developing all my life and now reflect in the work that I do.

That’s why clients have said things like:

You have the skills, the patience, the intuition, and sensitivity to read the person you work with...

…and really create a specific brand for me. I loved the process that you created to help me understand the essence of my brand. I was very insecure and you were so confident, clear, inspiring and professional in your choices and way of guiding the process.

Rakel Sosa
Breathwork – Breakthrough Mentor

I was particularly impressed with how organized and logical she is.

I really appreciated knowing the next steps and being reminded about deadlines. It helped me stay organized. I also love how Sara can structure my chaotic ideas into clean copy.

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO of New Global Elite

I’m the kind of girl that plans EVERYTHING (aka Notion adicted).

Have you ever wondered about those clothing items that stay at the bottom of the drawer because you keep putting others on top? I was 15 years old when I decided to do something about it and started my “Outfit Plans”.

About once a month I would take all my clothes out of the closet, spread them out on my bedroom floor and write down combinations for each day of the month on a sheet that I would stick to my closet door.

I don’t do this anymore, but I keep my organization standards very high. Working with me, you can be sure that your website content will be structured, clear, and easy to navigate.

“Sara is an amazing, kind person who has the perfect mix of hard and soft skills to listen to her clients, read their mind and deliver exactly what they need.

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO of New Global Elite

Sara showed me how much more I could step up my game in relating to clients and prospects, how much better I and we can all probably stand to do in showing that we’re listening, that we see the people we’re working with.”

Kate O’Neill
Founder & Chief Tech Humanist, KO Insights

Not only is Sara one of the most talented web designers on the planet, she’s patient, kind and most knowledgeable about branding strategies.”

Jacqueline Whitmore
Founder & CEO, The Protocol School of Palm Beach

Am I blushing? 🤭😊😍

“Throughout the entire process, she was patient, caring, and inspiring me to go beyond my first idea, and embrace a new look for my company.

It has been a wonderful experience to work with her.”

Aerin Alexander
Director at Being Energy®

And that’s how Unicorn Designer Studio was born…

One day I was completing my last exam for my Bachelor’s degree in Design and Web Development, and the next day I was starting my summer internship as UI/UX Developer at a startup in Lisbon. Literally! The next day!

Then I fulfilled my dream of living at the beach for one year as I took care of Web & Graphic Design for an online business.

One year later I was offered a position as UI/UX Designer at TAP Air Portugal, the biggest airline company in my country.

In search of doing more creative work and being closer to my family (#LifeGoals), I accepted a role as a Web Designer for a Design Agency near my hometown.

In 2019 I decided to take the leap and quit my agency job to give entrepreneurship a shot. And that’s how Unicorn Designer Studio was born.

What "surprised" me was how incredibly easy she made it...

to put on paper the vision, dream, and design I had in my heart. Only an artist and skilled designer can do that.

Where I felt “stuck” with figuring something out, Sara helped me concretize what I was thinking and made a stunning website out of it. Incredible!

Cristina D.
Founder of Hope Renewed

Sara truly immersed herself in my content, my background, and me as a person...

 to understand me on another level, which made the brand and site she put together far more “me” than I could even have done myself.

Melanie Deziel
Creativity Speaker & Author

Some things you (don’t) need to know about me:

This meme gathers 3 things I love: unicorns, Taylor Swift, and cats. 😍

I have a collection of my own gifs. Send me an email and you’ll see. ✉

I wish the world was just a big Disneyland. ✨

Sometimes I look at my cat and think “I wish I had your life”. 🐱

Popcorn is 90% of the reason I go to the movies. 🍿

I discovered I have my mother’s eyes through a university project. 💯

I love listening to playlists that empower women and boost my confidence. Here’s mine. 😉🎵

My favorite quote of all time

“The creative adult is the child who has survived.”

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Have you ever met a unicorn?