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Dear fellow designer,

You being here, means you probably had thoughts like “I wonder how she does it… What’s her story? How on earth does she get her clients?”

Well… the truth is I had ZERO clients when I quit my job to start my own business. I took the first month to put together a brand, portfolio, and website.

One night, I’m lying on the couch, scrolling through Instagram, when I came across Joana Galvao’s story.

She said something like:
“5 years ago I quit my job and I just wanted to cover my old salary.”

and my brain went:
“That’s me NOW! OMG! Where she’s at right now, that seems a good place for me to be in 5 years. What did she do?! I want to know everything!”.

It was THE BEST investment I have ever made!

You can imagine my excitement when I found out about the possibility of her being my mentor.

And yeah, I was not making any money with my less than 1-month-old business.

I knew design, but I knew NOTHING about running my own business. I knew I had to educate myself on that matter.

And why not be mentored by my business idol?

It was THE BEST investment I have ever made! Because, when we want to get our businesses off the ground, EVERYTHING counts!

A simple piece of advice like “Sara, do not charge less than X for a branding/website” made the whole difference! I kind of “raised my prices” before my first client. It was a huge accelerator!

She was not just a mentor, she was a role model.

It’s not just about the advice, hearing her stories was what fascinated me the most. I knew if one day the same thing happened to me, I would know what to do.

And now I see other designers asking me the same questions. Asking me about my story. That’s why I created this space.

Whether you dream about quitting your job to start your own design business, OR you’re already living that dream but you have questions like how to get high-ticket clients, price your offers, create processes, contracts, marketing, etc. I’m here for you. 💜

Let’s take all the doubts out of your head in a whatever-we-feel-like minutes video chat.

I know the feeling of having a list of questions and hearing the clock ticking. We don’t want that.

And don’t forget. You can create your own rules and write your own story. You have magic in you. It’s time to show it!

Investment: $225

Here are some lovely testimonials

If you're struggling to attract high-ticket clients and you're not sure where to begin, Sara is your person!

“When I booked my coaching session, I was struggling to attract high-ticket clients and make sure that my current clients prepared the content as planned. Also, I needed reassurance that I CAN price my services the way I want.

I loved how open you were about your business numbers, strategies, and the current situation you are in.

Our session helped me to understand what reality looks like and inspired me to believe that it is possible to achieve my goals, too!

If you’re struggling to attract high-ticket clients and you’re not sure where to begin, Sara is your person!

Her open and transparent approach to sharing what works in her business gave me the confidence to pursue my own goals.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and work with someone who will guide you in the right direction, I can’t recommend Sara enough.”

Zee Web Designer – Zivile Subaciene

Sara is very generous in her disposition to support you with your challenges.

“Before my coaching session with Sara, I was uncertain about how to scale up from low to high-paying clients. I needed guidance from someone who has already been through the process of charging more per client.

I liked that Sara is very approachable and easy to talk to. I feel that she listened attentively to my challenges and had a keen insightful sense of responding to each concern.

I felt that I had some clear actionable steps to take, that I had not thought about before, for getting to where I want to be.

Sara is very generous in her disposition to support you with your challenges and is willing to delve deep to find possible solutions that may help get you where you want to be.”

Dominic Ayuso
Brand Strategist and Identity Designer at La Brand Artist.

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