Maintenance Packages

With a monthly maintenance package, I help you keep your website up-to-date and streamlined. I will answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and perform routine security maintenance.

We’ll sign a one-year contract so that you are scheduled in my calendar. This means that every month I’ll have dedicated time to work on your website and answer your requests for content updates.

What's Included:
*3 hours



*5 hours



*10 hours



Hourly Packages

In case you don’t need monthly support, I offer Hourly Packages, which work on an as-requested basis.

Unlike Monthly Maintenance, Hourly Packages are assigned based on my availability. This means you may not receive support as quickly as you might prefer.

There is no expiration date for the hours to be used.

most requested

5 hours


SAVE $125‚Äč

10 hours


SAVE $400

20 hours


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