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Establish yourself as a thought leader and expert worth listening to.

Let's attract your dream clients while showcasing your unique personality!

You’re an expert in your field, but your website doesn’t fully convey that.

You’ve been in business for a while, and every business change meant a website change and now your website content lacks structure.

And that means visitors can’t easily understand your offers. Feeling frustrated, they just jump to one of your competitors’ websites, with much clearer offerings.

It’s time to clean up the house and clarify your services.

You want to remove what’s not serving you anymore and focus on the services you’re most passionate about.

And you know your website is the best place to introduce this change in a clear and simplified way. You just don’t know where to start…


Let’s dream for a minute, shall we?

I bet you’re a bit like me and you love happy endings. That’s the movie part when I start to cry. Happy tears!

What if we could create a happy ending TOGETHER?

Imagine having a beautiful website that:

Positions you and your business at a level far away from any competitor.
Is custom-designed for you and captures your magical and unique personality.
Is clear, structured, cohesive, and easy to navigate.

By increasing the perceived value of your services, you’re able to charge and make more.

Your website is not only more attractive, which drives more traffic, but it increases conversions when your dream clients do show up.

They invest in your services because they trust you just by looking at your website.

By offering a brand experience, you are showing them you are worth the numbers you are asking for. It’s a no-brainer!


Wanting this dream to come true?

Let me introduce you to my world…

I’m building a garden of happy clients who have said things like:

“While a majority of businesses in my industry were losing money, my business income increased nearly 45% after my website was launched.”

Jacqueline Whitmore
Founder & CEO, The Protocol School of Palm Beach

“The newly-relaunched KO Insights website feels very true to brand, and Sara helped amplify aspects of the company’s value that had eluded me.”

Kate O’Neill
Founder & Chief Tech Humanist, KO Insights

I feel proud when showing my website to my clients and especially potential clients. I feel that my branding finally reflects who I am.”

Izabela Lusinska
Founder & CEO of New Global Elite

“She’s an exemplary professional and every step of the way exceeded my expectations. More importantly, the comments from clients have been overwhelmingly positive!

Rita Barreto
President of Top Tier Leadership


Unicorn Experience

A 1:1 VIP experience designed for female speakers, coaches, and consultants that includes Branding, Web Design, and Web Development.

From start to finish, I’ll be your partner in this journey, guiding you every step of the way.

Rebranding and creating a new website does not have to be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together a streamlined process, so my clients and I can go through each step stress-free and with big smiles on our faces.



Web Design

User Experience

Brand Identity


Step #1

With your approval, we will pick a time to launch the website.

You’ll have complete control over your website and I’ll train you on how to make changes!

In case you don’t want to worry about website edits, I offer ongoing support with Monthly Maintenance and Hourly Packages.

Following approval of all designs for all pages, development will start. With code, animations, and a little bit of magic, I’ll bring the designs to life!

Development will be fully responsive, following the best SEO practices.

I’ll start by designing the home page, featuring your brand look and feel, colors, fonts, logo design, and overall brand aesthetic, with 2 rounds of revisions included.

After having the final home page design, I will work on applying the same aesthetic to all pages, with 2 rounds of revisions per page.

A positive experience keeps users loyal, so before designing each page, we will focus on defining the structure of the website and design wireframes to ensure that your website visitors will have the most wonderful experience.

After all, what’s the benefit of having a website if users are not able to interact with it properly?

I will design 2 Brand Identity concepts (logo, color palette, font combinations, and overall visual style) and you will choose your favorite concept having your brand’s vision and audience in mind.

After 2 rounds of revisions, I will create a Brand Style Guide you can follow to make sure you keep all future marketing materials cohesive.

One of the most important things to me is that we’re all on the same page. It has to be crystal clear to me: who you are, what’s your business, and what’s your vision for your business.

I’ll send you a questionnaire and we’ll schedule a Brand Discovery Call.

What's included

🎨 Branding

💻 Website

What made me go with Sara was who she naturally is!

Other places I looked seemed extremely commercialized and impersonal. Sara actually understood the HEART and vision I had for my business, which is priceless! 

Working with Sara was like working with a friend. She’s extremely conscientious, detailed, thorough, and has excellent intuition. All of this came through her work, her personality, and the first time we talked.

Cristina D.
Founder of Hope Renewed

Truthfully, after having one meeting with Sara...

…and seeing how well she understood my needs, pain points, and my “vibe,” I didn’t even need to talk to anyone else to know that she was the right fit for me!

Sara truly immersed herself in my content, my background, and me as a person to understand me on another level, which made the brand and site she put together far more “me” than I could even have done myself.

Melanie Deziel
Creativity Speaker & Author


Ready to show the world the professional expert that you are?

Book your free Discovery Call and let’s start dreaming about your new brand visuals and website.

Still have some questions?

Let’s see if my magical unicorn skills allow me to guess them…

The truth is many designers out there use pre-made website templates to develop your website, which can be great if you’re just starting out and need something fast and cheap.

However, if you’re not in a rush and you’re ready to make an investment, you can have a high-quality website, tailor-made just for you.

For that, you need a unicorn designer – a creative who can both design and develop an exclusive custom website for your business.

Creating a unique brand and website is like building a tailor-made home. The investment will depend on size, materials, appliances, etc.

Typically, the full Unicorn Experience starts at $15k, including Branding, Website Design, and Development. But hey! We can break it down into 2 to 6 payments so it’s easier for you.

“Like any business owner, I’m always careful about what investments I decide to make in my business, but working with Sara was worth every single penny!”
Melanie Deziel

“If you’re in business as a thought leader, Sara is absolutely worth your serious consideration.”
Kate O’Neill

Of course! We can break the investment down into 2 to 6 payments throughout the duration of the project (usually 4 – 5 months) so it’s easier for you.

The first deposit is required upon signing the proposal, to secure your slot.

Typically, the Unicorn Experience takes 4 – 5 months, depending on the scale and complexity of your website.

If you have a specific deadline that needs to be met, please let me know right away, and bear in mind that my calendar tends to get booked well in advance so I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.

I’m often booked 1 to 3 months in advance depending on the season.

I only take a handful of projects per year, to ensure that each client receives the best possible experience.

Therefore, if you’re interested in working together, I would recommend booking your Discovery Call as soon as possible to reserve your spot on my calendar.

For Fully-Custom websites, I always recommend using WordPress (with Elementor website builder) because it’s the only platform that allows for full customization, with no limits!

I’ve worked with clients who were using other platforms, but since we were building a new website from scratch, they didn’t mind moving to WordPress. The backend is just as user-friendly as any other, and at the end of the project, I’ll train you and provide tutorials on how to make changes. Plus, I offer support packages in case you don’t have the time or headspace to take care of it yourself.

In any case, if you prefer to keep using another platform, I also work with SquareSpace and I have partners who are experts in platforms like Webflow, Kajabi, etc. You just have to be aware that there might be some design/development limitations.

Yes, of course! You’ll have complete control over your website and I’ll train you on how to make changes right after launch.

And I’ll always be here for you when you feel stuck or need to make some updates.

You can also sign up for a Maintenance Package at the end of the project, so you know there’s always someone taking care of your website.

Yes, I’m used to working with different email service providers. My clients usually want Newsletter Sign-up forms or to offer freebies in exchange for email addresses. With my coding skills, I can easily adapt to any technical integration you may need.

My Branding process includes the design of two concepts for my clients to choose from. In case you feel very attached to your current Brand Identity, we can create one concept that’s an upgrade of your current brand identity and a second one where you can see a possible alternative for your brand’s look and feel.

Yes! I’m in Portugal but I’ve worked with clients across the world.

Thanks to video chats, email, and social media I’ve created beautiful friendships with my clients, even when we have an ocean separating us.

If you don’t see your question here, feel free to send me an email.

Comments my clients received...

…on their new branding and website.


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